Living Under Drones: Wisconsin

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home."

          -James Madison

It is a common saying that what goes around comes around.

If history is any guide, we are in for disturbing times.

Stanford Law recently released a study titled “Living Under Drones” which reviews the US Government’s use of drone warfare. Their work makes it clear that the nature and extent of this program are being concealed from the American public.

The study outlines a program that is brutally and indiscriminately killing thousands of people, including hundreds of children, and which operates without oversight or accountability.

Kids in Northern Pakistan are too afraid to go to school for fear of getting blown up. Many are without parents who were murdered by hellfire missiles. An entire generation has no explanation other than that Americans are responsible.

"If there's even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try."
—President Obama
(regarding gun control)

If the Federal Government wants to lecture Americans about guns and violence let them first take their finger off the trigger.

This program must end. How shameful to be known as terrorists who rain death from the sky. What hypocrisy to claim to care for children while pursuing policies that murder them. Is this America? Is this freedom? Does this policy represent your values?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The executive branch now operates as judge, jury and executioner. They have already killed American citizens with drones. And now drones are being pushed into law enforcement roles here at home.

Will we live with drones in our skies? The trend is not looking good. The Milwaukee Police Department is reported to be procuring drones. Drones are also being flown by the Wisconsin National Guard out of Camp Douglas, WI.

Would you like to see this trend reversed? Tell your State representatives there must be state level resistance to this policy. We have prepared a template letter to help you.

Readers are also encouraged to work with NoDronesWisconsin. Take action on a local level and work to make your city a "Drone Free Zone."